The biggest event of the summer is finally here. On August 23rd, a sellout crowd will emerge on Brooklyn’s Barclays Center for WWE SummerSlam. The card is building up to look like a huge show, and it will be just that as the event is now four hours long similar to Wrestlemania. The matches have a great mix of quality undercard bouts including Kevin Owens against Cesaro along with colossal main events such as Rollins versus Cena in a “Winner Take All” match along with the rematch between Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker. Sunday night promises to be a big show that will transition the WWE into Night of Champions in September so let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Kevin Owens vs Cesaro – I can see this match kicking off SummerSlam because it will be action from the opening bell. Owens and Cesaro are two great human displays of athleticism and strength which will result in a stellar singles bout. Both superstars are over with the WWE universe so the crowd is going to be involved early. Cesaro has been getting a push lately, but Kevin Owens is still the most prominent newcomer on the main roster and his win over John Cena at Elimination Chamber still has people talking. This match could go either way, but my pick is Kevin Owens. Part of my pick has to do with NXT Takeover the night before because Kevin Owens will lose that match to Finn Balor so I don’t see him having an 0 and 2 weekend. Owens and Cesaro are surely going to have great matches down the line, but at the biggest event of the summer, KO comes out on top.
Prediction: Kevin Owens wins via pinfall

King Barrett and Stardust vs Neville and Stephen Amell – This is the type of match you see on a preshow before the whole crowd has filed into its seats, but it could also provide some excitement. This is a combination of two rivalries pitting Barrett against Neville, but also Stardust against “The Green Arrow” Stephen Amell at the same time. Each member of this tag match brings something to the table. Barrett is a natural heel with good charisma, Stardust is the mysterious one that also features solid athletic skill, Stephen Amell is the crossover entertainment star that looks to have a lot of ability in the ring as well, and Neville is just capable of doing anything imaginable in the ring. With that being said, the good guys are going to win a match like this so expect “The Green Arrow” and “The Red Arrow” to be used for victory Sunday night.
Prediction: Neville and Stephen Amell win via pinfall

INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP: Ryback (c) vs The Miz vs Big Show – For the first time in a while, WWE has found a guy that can carry the Intercontinental championship with pride and that can carry it for a longer reign. Ryback is very over with the WWE universe right now, probably more than he has ever been. That combination along with the fact that the Big Show may be taking more of a part time role after SummerSlam makes it seem as if all directions point to Ryback in this match. The Miz isn’t seen as a major threat and he has had runs with the IC title before so expect a clean win for “The Big Guy.”
Prediction: Ryback wins via pinfall and retains the Intercontinental title.
Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper – This tag team tilt features two members from each dominant faction from early 2014. Reigns and Ambrose used to bring justice to the WWE as members of The Shield while Wyatt lead Harper as a member of the Wyatt Family. Wyatt and Reigns were in the middle of their match at Battleground when Luke Harper inserted himself into the rivalry, then the next night on Raw, Reigns’ former brethren, Dean Ambrose came to his aid. However, something will change on Sunday in Brooklyn. WWE is filled with top baby faces at the moment so one of them has to turn heel to gain some more spotlight and that man is Dean “unstable” Ambrose. Right when Reigns hits the superman punch and spear combination, Ambrose will hit him with “Dirty Deeds” then leave the ring. That results in Bray Wyatt finishing a weakened Reigns off with “Sister Abigail” to achieve a pinfall victory.
Prediction: Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper win via pinfall after Ambrose turns on Reigns.


Randy Orton vs Sheamus – Sheamus is still the most irrelevant Money in the Bank winner since Damien Sandow, but WWE felt that he was the right man for the briefcase back in June so he is the one that holds it now. Whether he cashes in successfully or not will only be told by time, but until then he has his sights set on Randy Orton. The Viper remains at the top of the list of baby faces right now in WWE and his stock continues to rise once again. Maybe if Orton defeats Sheamus at SummerSlam, he will challenge the Celtic Warrior for the Money in the Bank briefcase next month at Night of Champions, but I could be getting ahead of myself there.
Prediction: Orton wins via pinfall

DIVAS ELIMINATION MATCH: PCB vs Team BAD vs The Bella Army – This match is arguably the most anticipated divas match in the history of WWE… not kidding. The “Divas Revolution” as dubbed by Stephanie McMahon brought a much needed resurgence to the divas division. Former NXT divas, Charlotte and Becky Lynch joined Paige to create PCB, while NXT divas champion, Sasha Banks joined Tamina and Naomi to form Team BAD. So in this three on three on three elimination match, WWE has confirmed that only one member of each team has to pin/submit for a team to be eliminated. That changes the whole complexion of the match since only two divas must be eliminated instead of eight. Charlotte picked up the victory in the triple threat match at Battleground over Nikki Bella and Sasha Banks, but it won’t have the same outcome this Sunday. After Nikki Bella scores an elimination over a member of PCB, there will be a changing of the guard. Sasha Banks will enter for Team BAD and score victory after defeating the WWE Divas Champion, Nikki Bella.
Prediction: Team BAD wins after Sasha Banks eliminates Nikki Bella

Dolph Zigger w/ Lana vs Rusev w/ Summer Rae – I would like to see this rivalry keep going after Sunday and eventually evolve into a mixed tag match at Survivor Series, but until then it is just Dolph Ziggler and the “Bulgarian Brute,” Rusev. Fans have been very intrigued by this rivalry from the start and the match won’t disappoint at SummerSlam, but if it doesn’t live up to the hype I don’t see it being the final time Ziggler and Rusev meet. Rusev has been on a roll since returning from injury and although he isn’t the unbeatable force he was before being dethroned by John Cena at Wrestlemania, he is close to it. Rusev wins this battle, but the war isn’t over yet.
Prediction: Rusev wins via submission

The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman – The rivalry between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar will never get old. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2003 or 2015, these two men alone will sell out any arena in the world whenever they want. Take that, Dana White. Brock Lesnar has had The Undertaker’s number his entire career and he’s one of the few men to say that as almost everyone that has come and gone in WWE has fallen to “The Deadman.” Unfortunately for Undertaker fans, I don’t think that stops at SummerSlam. The Undertaker has looked very strong compared to Lesnar since returning at Battleground just like he looked going into the match at Wrestlemania 30, and everyone knows how that turned out. Brock Lesnar will defeat The Undertaker on Sunday night in Brooklyn, but a final match between the two men could take place later down the line in which The Undertaker will get his redemption once and for all.
Prediction: Brock Lesnar wins via pinfall

WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Prime Time Players (c) vs New Day vs Lucha Dragons vs Los Matadores – Let’s be honest, we can already count one team out. The favorites in this match are the Prime Time Players and New Day, but the Lucha Dragons are a potential dark horse. The Lucha Dragons provide a lot of spark and excitement, but their lack of anything on the microphone may mean that their time still has yet to come. No matter what happens, the tag team division is going to be very strong in just a few months when the Usos return and new NXT tag teams get the call up to the main roster. Prime Time Players and New Day will use this match to continue their ongoing rivalry once New Day finds a way to win back the tag team titles going into Night of Champions.
Prediction: New Day wins and becomes the new WWE Tag Team Champions

WINNER TAKE ALL: John Cena (United States Champion) vs Seth Rollins (WWE World Heavyweight Champion) – On June 27th, 2002, a newcomer named John Cena made his television debut on SmackDown against Kurt Angle. Cena lost the match, but he never gave up. Now, Cena is one title win away from tying the all-time record set by Ric Flair. With a win on Sunday, John Cena will be crowned as the WWE Champion for the 16th time. However, Triple H doesn’t want to see John Cena tie his mentor, Ric Flair. And Triple H definitely doesn’t want to see his golden boy, Seth Rollins be the one to relinquish the record to Cena. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon could be at ringside Sunday night to support Seth Rollins, but when John Cena has Rollins weakened and is going for the victory, Triple H attempts to stop Cena so Flair’s record is safe. Triple H enters the ring, takes out the referee and hits John Cena with a pedigree. As Rollins goes for the cover, Triple H is waving and yelling for another ref to make the count. Then… IF YA SMELL, WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN’! The Brahma Bull runs down the ramp to save John Cena. When The Rock hits the ring, Rollins yet again runs for the exit. A stunned Triple H looks furiously at The Rock as the millions…. and millions are chanting The Rock’s name. No words are exchanged as The Rock greets Triple H with a “Rock Bottom.” The Rock helps John Cena to his feet and both men stand tall to end the match, that would end in a no contest so both champions keep their belts.
Prediction: Match ends in a “No Contest” when Rollins runs out of the building following The Rock’s entrance

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