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Season 11, Ep 24 Pt 1: Olin Browne & John Patrick

In the first segment of a special “Happy Birthday to Me” episode, I’m joined by Olin Browne, the 2011 US Senior Open Champion, and John Patrick, whom I regard as the finest Golf & Talk Show Radio Host ever.

Olin Browne shares insights on why Scottie’s career trajectory resembles that of Tiger’s. Additionally, we delve into Ludvig Aberg’s apparent enjoyment during the typically tense final nine holes of The Masters on Sunday. Olin also recounts his experiences competing in the Senior PGA Championship at Valhalla in 2011, which is also the venue for this year’s PGA Championship, and the US Open at Pinehurst in 2005, the location of this year’s US Open.

In the second segment, I’m joined by the best to ever do it, John Patrick. I refer to John as the Godfather of Golf Talk Radio, because he is the gold standard. John delves into Augusta National’s recent property acquisitions surrounding the Club, speculating on their potential plans. He discusses the challenging winds that affected the tournament over Friday and Saturday, offering insights into Tiger’s future and what might need to happen for Rory to secure a victory there. Additionally, we discuss what might be causing the declining television ratings of the PGA Tour.

In Part 2, I’ll cover those same topics with 1983 PGA Champion Hal Sutton and former Tour Player and now CBS Analyst Frank Nobilo.

Season 11, Ep 23: Don Beebe

Don was a 3rd round pick in 1989 but the first pick the Buffalo Bills had that year. He was an integral part of their 4 Super Bowl appearances in the early 90s. After a good warm-up and prayer session before the start of Super Bowl 27, he was convinced that he’d make the game-winning TD catch against the Cowboys. Well, the game was a route in the other direction. The Cowboys won 52-17 but it was a second away from the Cowboys putting another touchdown on the board when Don ran down Leon Lett who was dancing his way toward the endzone after recovering a fumble. Don swiped the ball out of Lett’s hand causing a touchback and giving the Bills the ball back. It was an innocuous play in a blowout game. But it showed Don hadn’t given up and was going to hustle until the game was over. During pregame, he had asked God to help him honor and praise Him through a game-winning touchdown. Instead, He gave him a play that has resonated with millions in a much deeper way. Hear Don tell that story and the reaction he continues to receive from people all over the world 31 years later.

Season 11, Ep 22 Pt 2: Talking Masters Past & Present with Mark Calcavecchia & Rob Strano

In Part 2 of this week’s show, we continue The Masters conversation with a guy who played in the tournament 18 times and was currently over in Augusta, Mark Calcavecchia. Following Mark, I’m joined by Rob Strano. Rob grew up playing at the same country club as 1968 Masters Champion Bob Goalby.

Mark starts off sharing some personal stories of Augusta National like why he’s nicknamed the bunker on 10 Brenda’s Bunker, after his wife. We learn that the tradition of skipping shots across the pond on 16 during the practice rounds was started by Mark and his college teammate Ken Green. Mark and Ken used to bet about who could make all kinds of shots. When they got to 16 during a practice round in 1987, they threw a few balls down and tried to see who could get it closer. The next morning there was a letter waiting for Green in his locker from Augusta National Chairman Hord Harden saying “We don’t do that at Augusta National.” Of course, now it’s a tradition during the practice rounds. If players don’t skip one across the pond, the patrons boo them. Mark and I switch gears and talk about the Masters merchandise craze and one we don’t understand around Masters nomes. We then get into some of his playing memories like the time he shot 29 on the back 9 in 1992. In 2001 he started the final round tied with Tiger and Phil. We hear about how he got ahead of himself and let that one get away. He and his wife Brenda are great people and great follows on social media. Be sure to follow them @MarkCalc and @BrendaCalc.

Rob Strano grew up in St. Louis playing at the same country club as 1968 Masters Champion Bob Goalby. Mr. Goalby won that Masters in part thanks to Roberto DiVincenzo signing an incorrect scorecard. In the final round, Goalby birdied 13 and 14 and then eagled 15. DiVincenzo birdied 17 to take a one-stroke lead but his playing partner Tommy Aaron marked down a 4 instead of a 3. When their round was over, Goalby and DiVincenzo thought they were headed for an 18-hole playoff on Monday. But since DiVincenzo signed the card with the higher score, USGA rules state the higher score stands, so he lost by a stroke. Rob shares how Mr. Goalby dealt with how all that unfolded. I also get his insights on the topography of the course, how undulated those greens are, and who he likes to win this week.

Season 11, Ep 22 Pt 1: Talking Masters Past & Present with Tom Patri & John Cook

Happy Masters Week everyone. For me, this is THE most magical week of the year. As they say, The Master is a tradition unlike any other. This week both parts of the show are dedicated to taking you inside the tournament to give you a sense of what it’s like to be on those magnificent grounds.

I kick it off with Tom Patri, who has been out there several times with his good friend, 1992 Masters Champion Fred Couples. Also joining me in Part 1 of this week’s show is John Cook. Cookie played in 15 Masters tournaments dating back to 1979. He earned his way into that Masters field with his victory in the 1978 US Amateur.

Tom Patri shares stories of being alongside Fred Couples during his run to the Green Jacket in ’92. To this day, none of us know how Fred’s tee shot on #12 didn’t roll back into Rae’s Creek. We hear what Fred’s reaction was. Tom also shares some of his other favorite Masters memories, the legends he wished could have donned a Green Jacket, and current players he’d love to see win. I also get his thoughts on Scottie Scheffler’s place in history if he were to win his second Masters.

John Cook takes us down Magnolia Lane, remembering that first drive up alongside his mentor Ken Venturi. We hear about his night in the Crows Nest and the Augusta National memorabilia he collected over the years. I also get Cookie’s thoughts on what’s driving television ratings down, and why the networks are trying to replace the great Analysts that many of us love.

Season 11 Ep 21 Pt 2: 2003 PGA Champion Shaun Micheel and Top 10 Instructor Martin Chuck

I have been saying for years that Shaun Micheel is the most underrated and under-appreciated player in PGA Tour History. Most remember his incredible win at the 2003 PGA Championship, hitting one of the greatest approach shots in major golf history. He came to that 72nd hole with a 1-stroke lead over Chad Campbell. He then hit his 7-iron approach shot to 3 inches from the cup. What people don’t remember is that he nearly doubled down at the 2006 PGA, finishing 2nd to Tiger. He also finished runner-up at the 2006 World Match Play Championship after defeating Tiger in the first round 4 & 3. During his PGA Tour career, he had 20 Top 10 finishes and 57 Top 25s. You’ll hear him share his experiences playing in the 2004 Masters. His practice round with Jack and playing in the group behind Arnold Palmer during Arnie’s final Masters appearance that year. Plus, playing in the group with Seve during his final Open appearance.

Martin Chuck is ranked #7 in Golf Digest’s Top Instructor rankings. He has recently teamed with Chris McGinley, formerly of Titleist and the guy who discovered Bob Vokey years ago, and Performance Golf to promote a set of wedges that are simply fantastic. We talk about the technology that Chris put into these wedges that will help us hit better shots from tight lies, divots, rough, and green-side bunkers. Plus the spin these full-face wedges put on the ball so we can get our chips closer to the hole. I love the feel of these wedges.

Season 11, Ep 22 Pt 1: Who’s That With Charlie & Find Your Confidence with Dr. Bob Winters

In Part 1 of this week’s podcast, my guests are former LPGA Commissioner & Author Charlie Mechem and The Confidence Doctor, Dr. Robert Winters.

Charlie Mechem has recently written his third book titled, Arnie & Jack, Stories of My Long Friendship with Two Remarkable Men. We hear about how he met both men and stories from his 10 years working as a Consultant to Arnold Palmer following Charlie’s tenure as Commissioner of the LPGA Tour. One of the many great stories that Charlie share is from when former PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem asked him to convince Mr. Palmer and Mr. Nicklaus to Co-Design The King & the Bear. Finchem failed to get them to agree to it multiple times. Charlie had a very unique idea how to get them to do it…and it worked. We also hear about the true mutual respect and friendship Jack and Arnie had. Charlie tells the story of having lunch with Mr. Palmer following The Masters one year. They talked about a player who was in contention laid up on 13 & 15. Neither couldn’t imagine why anyone would do that. Palmer asked Charlie, do you remember how many times I finished 2nd in The Masters? Charlie said no. Mr. Palmer replied, neither do I. Hear those stories plus several other wonderful ones including Charlie playing golf with Neil Armstrong, Paul Brown, Pete Rose, and Tommy Thayer of Kiss.

Dr. Bob Winters, The Confidence Doctor, joins me in the second segment. He shares tips for how to keep those intrusive negative thoughts out of our minds when we want to see all the trouble around the golf course. Change Your Mind, Change Your Game is his mantra. He also talks about how to be smarter than your doubt plus shares a wonderful story of meeting Jack Fleck out on the driving range and the impact that had on him going forward.

Next On The Tee Part 2

In Part 2 of this week’s show, I’m joined by SportsBox Ai Founder Jeehae Lee plus Caddie Hall of Famer Dennis Cone and former PGA of America Write & Historian Bob Denney.

Jeehae Lee picked up a plastic bat at the age of 8, swung it and the next thing she knew her parents bought her a set of clubs, got her an Instructor, dropped her off at the driving range, and told her to find her way there each day after school to practice…in Seoul, South Korea…at the age of 8! She played her college golf at Yale, helped them win the 2003 & 2006 Ivy League Championships, broke 70 for the first time ever at LPGA Q-School, finished 12th, and earned her Tour card. She retired from the Tour in 2014 and became Michelle Wie’s Assistant/Manager. From there she went on to be the Director of Business Strategy for Top Golf. She then started her own company called SportsBox Ai. Their software creates a 3D video of your swing taken from your cell phone. You can see your swing from every possible angle including overhead and underneath. You can overlay your good swings and bad swings to understand what was different. You can also overlay Tour Player swings and learn to swing like they do. Hear all this plus check out Sportbox Ai here:

Dennis Cone is a Caddie Hall of Famer and the Founder of the Professional Caddie Association. Before his retirement, Bob Denney was a Writer and Historian for the PGA of America. They tell the stories of two remarkable ladies in our game, Madelyn “Moochie” Turner and Renee Powell. Moochie is also a member of the Caddier Hall of Fame. Renee Powell played on the LPGA Tour and is the daughter of Bill Powell who is the first African American to design, build, and own a golf course in the US. It’s Clearview Golf Club in East Canton, Ohio. Hear all of those stories plus what both guys are doing to assist our Veterans around the country.

Next On The Tee (3/28) Pt 1

In Part 1 of this week’s show, I’m joined by PGA Tour Legends David Peoples and Tom Purtzer. David had a fantastic Amateur career which included winning the 1979 Florida State Amateur Championship before he joined the PGA Tour. He went on to win twice on Tour, at the 1991 Southern Open and the 1992 Anheuser-Busch Classic. He also won the 1990 Kapalua International.

David was so much fun when he joined me in December that I couldn’t wait to have him back on the show. He and I talk about how he came from 2 strokes back to win that ’79 Florida State Amateur defeating then 44-year-old and multi-time champion Jack Vegte and future Tour Pro Jay Schrader. He also shares memories of finishing runner-up at Q-School in 1982 when it was played at TPC Sawgrass, his appearances in the 1992 and ’93 Masters, and why he decided not to play in The Open Championship until playing in the Senior Open Championship when he was on the Champions Tour.

Tom Purtzer is one of my all-time favorites. In his 7th visit to the show, he shares his insights on this year’s Players Championship plus his experiences playing in the tournament from the late 70s through the early 90s. He talks about the challenge of figuring out the winds swirling around the 17th green, similar to the ones around the 12th green at Augusta National. We also talk about the incredible putt he made from the back lip of the bunker on the 13th hole on his way to victory at the 1991 Colonial Invitational and why he never mentioned that putt to tournament host Ben Hogan. We round out Part 1 of this week’s show talking about the fracture in the Pro game and if we would be here if Deane Beman was still Commissioner.

Next On The Tee (3/26)

Former PGA Tour Pros Bill Mallon and Scott Gump joined me in Part 2 of last week’s show.

Bill Mallon played Tour in the mid to late 1970s during the Golden Age of the PGA Tour. After winning 43 amateur titles he earned his way through Q-School in 1975. He finished 6th at the 1976 Western Open, 3 strokes back of Al Geiberger. He played in the 1977 US Open at Southern Hills. The heat that week was brutal but Bill talks about how he thrives in conditions like that even though he’s from New England. We talked about the death threats that eventual winner Hubert Green dealt with that week. Bill decided to walk away from the Tour after the 1979 season and go back to college to get his medical degree. He became a leading Orthopaedic Surgeon and medical advisor to Golf Digest. I got his thoughts on what Tiger Woods is now trying to play through following his surgeries to fuse a joint in his foot and vertebrae in his back.

Scott Gump was a tremendous Amateur player as well. He was the medalist during the stroke play portion of the 1987 US Amateur. He earned his way on Tour by finishing 3rd at Q-School in 1990 and then winning on the Space Coast and Korn Ferry Tours. You’ll hear his stories about that US Amateur and the grueling 6 rounds of Q-School. His good play at the ’87 US Amateur earned him a trip to the 1988 Masters. Scott recalls his stay in the Crows Nest for the week, the legendary inexpensive meals, playing a practice round with Gary Player, and playing in the Par 3 Tournament. We then hear about his hot play late in the 1991 season at The International Tournament and the Walt Disney World Classic.

Next On The Tee (3/21)

In the episode, you’ll hear the amazing journey of former NFL QB Craig Nall and How to Conquer Your Mind from Top 50 LPGA Instructor Debbie O’Connell.

Craig takes us through his playing career which really started with a historic senior season at Northwestern State. We hear how he led them to the FCS playoff and nearly upset top-ranked Montana. Craig was drafted in the 5th round in 2002 by the Green Bay Packers. He backed up Brett Favre for the majority of his career. He also was assigned to NFL Europe in 2003 where he played for the Scottish Claymores. He was 2nd in the League in passing and led the League in just about every other category. During his NFL career, he came through every time his number was called. He threw for 402 yards, completed 63% of his passes, had 5 TDs and 0 interceptions, yet no other team gave him a true shot to play. Following his playing career and the passing of his father who was his best friend, Craig dealt with alcoholism and divorce. He’s now sober, in a loving relationship, and started a new career. He takes us through his highs and lows in this segment.

We go from that previous extreme to the other end of the rainbow in segment 2 when I’m joined by Debbie O’Connell. Debbie is one of the most positive individuals you’ll ever meet. She teaches us how to strengthen our minds and bodies in this segment. We learn how to release our minds from worrying about the outcomes of our shots. If being in a greenside bunker gets your blood pressure up like it does mine, she gives us some tips for how to overcome that. We also hear about her Conquer Your Mind Challenge course that’s coming up starting April 15th. If you want to improve your mental approach and play your best golf, just text “Next” to 7273390106 and use coupon code Next to get a discount on this fantastic course. It will help you think better, lower your scores, and have more fun out on the course.