Don was a 3rd round pick in 1989 but the first pick the Buffalo Bills had that year. He was an integral part of their 4 Super Bowl appearances in the early 90s. After a good warm-up and prayer session before the start of Super Bowl 27, he was convinced that he’d make the game-winning TD catch against the Cowboys. Well, the game was a route in the other direction. The Cowboys won 52-17 but it was a second away from the Cowboys putting another touchdown on the board when Don ran down Leon Lett who was dancing his way toward the endzone after recovering a fumble. Don swiped the ball out of Lett’s hand causing a touchback and giving the Bills the ball back. It was an innocuous play in a blowout game. But it showed Don hadn’t given up and was going to hustle until the game was over. During pregame, he had asked God to help him honor and praise Him through a game-winning touchdown. Instead, He gave him a play that has resonated with millions in a much deeper way. Hear Don tell that story and the reaction he continues to receive from people all over the world 31 years later.

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