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  • If I Were a Betting Man: Super Bowl XLVI by Jon Pennline

Other than the occasional blackjack game, I hardly consider myself a gambler. While I never bet on sports, and still won't on the country's biggest sporting event of the year tomorrow, the list of prop bets on some of these websites is intriguing. After all, how interesting is this Super Bowl for fans of the black and gold? It's New York vs. New England -essentially Boston- two big market teams that already played each other four years ago. To build on that point, the stories are limited and boring; no massive underdog, no new teams.

So, much like the fun in fantasy football, betting on some of these props would at least give you another reason to look forward to Sunday's matchup. Here's a hefty list thanks to www.thespread.com:

Coin Toss

According to www.casinoanswers.com, the toss result for the first 45 Super Bowls is 23-22 in favor of Tails. Given the 50-50 odds, I'll pick heads to even it out.

National Anthem Over/Under 1:34 for completion

I'm going OVER on this one. Kelly Clarkson nailed the anthem at exactly 1:34 in the NBA Finals last year, but she's singing on an even bigger stage. Allow a long finish.

Will Kelly Clarkson mess up 1 word of the Star Spangled Banner

A Texas native who, I'm sure, does not want to embarrass herself (unlike Christina Aguilera who appears to have no shame), Clarkson nails the anthem. If she screws it up, she'll get fined $25 bucks thanks to senator Vaneta Becker.

Will Kelly Clarkson's bare belly be showing during the anthem?

I hope not.

What will Madonna be using to start the halftime show?

I am picking headset over handheld microphone. Madonna is a not just a musician but she's also an on-stage performer. She may be getting old, but she's not dead.

Over/Under 0.5 times Gisele Bundchen will be shown during the game

Hopefully way over. In all seriousness, I imagine she will be shown at least once but it may depend on the of the game.

Over/Under 1 time Jim Irsay will be mentioned during the game

Over, over, over. As I stated before, the Super Bowl is so devoid of major stories that the hometown team has made most of the major headlines over the past two weeks.

Over/Under 1 time Andrew Luck will be mentioned during the game

Over. He'll be just as much in the conversation as Irsay.

What color gatorade will be dumped on the coach?

The best odds seem to be with water. The spread involves Orange, Yellow, Red, Green and Blue. I would pass on this but for the sake of picking, I'll pick orange.

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