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Super Bowl XLVI is in the books, and once again Eli Manning drove the Giants downfield on a game-winning touchdown drive in the last few minutes of the Super Bowl.

Eli now has two Super Bowl rings compared to the one Peyton has. Eli has a winning record in the playoffs, Peyton does not.

Eli has also won two Super Bowl MVP's to Peyton's one.

Eli has beaten arguably the best coach and best quarterback in the NFL twice. Peyton beat Lovie Smith and Rex Grossman, and also threw a pick-six to lose a Super Bowl to the Saints.

You can't take anything away from Peyton Manning's regular season stats. He dominates just about every other quarterback that ever played the game in that regards. Last I checked though, no one ever gives you a title for winning in the regular season. I'm talking to you Baltimore.

For all the well deserved accolades Peyton receives in his career, he has gone one and done in the playoffs EIGHT times. Twice now, Eli Manning has taken his team from the wild card round to the top of the NFL world.

Everyone always says if you want to accurately predict who will win a playoff game, just look at who has the better quarterback. How many playoff games have the Colts played in with Peyton at QB and lost to inferior quarterbacks? I know, Peyton's stats haven't been horrible in the postseason, but even still, the truly great quarterbacks find a way to lead their team to glory.

If we're talking about the regular season then Peyton is your guy although Eli threw for 4933 yards this season. That's a better total than Peyton's best year of 4700 yards. Maybe Eli is ready to take over for Peyton in regular season domination as well.

Almost makes you wish you could be there for the next Manning Thanksgiving dinner. We all know Peyton is still better at shouting "Cut that meat."

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