On this edition of Next on the Tee my guests are 1986 Players Champion John Mahaffey, Titleist Manager of Preferred Player Promotions Michael Gibson, Soleta Golf Club Developer David Turner, and Popticals CEO Gary DiSalvo.

John Mahaffey shares his memories of Arnold Palmer and how the King helped him get his life straightened out after 10+ years of drinking. We look back to the early days of The Player Championship when it first moved over to the Pete Dye Stadium course and what it’s like trying to deal with the swirling winds around the 17th hole. John compares it to trying to figure out how the winds swirl on the 12th hole at Augusta National. We also get an update on his Nemesis mystery novel series. If you love golf wrapped inside a mystery check out his books, Shafted, Unfinished Business, and Dead Quiet on Amazon or www.johnmahaffeyauthor.com.

Michael Gibson is one of the all-time great club and golf ball fitters. He has a true passion for it. At the end of each day he asks himself if he did everything he could to help the people he worked with that day. Michael and I talk through how to test which is the right golf ball for our game. We also get into how to figure out the correct bounce and grind for your wedges based on your local turf conditions.

David Turner is a Developer currently working with Nick Price and David Ledbetter on a new private golf club outside of Sarasota called Soleta Golf Club. We hear why it’s important to all of them not to disturb the local wetlands and preserve the natural surroundings. No homes will be built on the course so players will be consumed by the game and nature. It is set to be one of the premier private clubs in the country. They are aiming to have it ready for play in late 2024 or early 2025. Check out the course online at www.soletagolf.com.

I round out this week’s show with a visit from Popticals CEO Gary DiSalvo. Popticals are the best sunglasses I’ve ever worn. They are geared for people who enjoy being outdoors. They are second to none for blocking glare and helping us see with more clarity on the course, while fishing, hunting, skiing, whatever takes you outdoors. Gary tells us about their NYDEF polycarbonate lenses which are super lightweight but have the same clarity as glass. Their patented rail system allows us to fold them up and pack them away in a small hard case that protects them from breaking or getting scratched up if you prefer to keep them in your golf bag. The case also fits easily into your pocket, so if you’re at a concert, it starts to get dark, or you go indoors, you don’t have to ask someone to hold them for you, keep them sitting on top of your head, or hang them on your shirt. See these wonderful sunglasses online at www.popticals.com

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