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Food Bank: Power Of Sharing Stories Of Food Insecurity

“So many times food insecurity comes from a life event, a crisis,” said podcast host CJ Johnson.

It’s one of the reasons the Food Bank started the Food is Love, Share the Love storytelling campaign.

The team made it a point to share stories which showed the reality of why people turn to food assistance in the three rivers region.

One person the Food Bank spoke to was Amy Salmon.

Salmon was living a normal life in New Eagle, until her doctor diagnosed her with cancer in 2018.

In order to get treatment, Salmon had to quit her job.

Food Bank: Clearview Federal Credit Union’s Mission To End Food Insecurity

On this week’s episode of the Food Podcast Presented by Clearview Federal Credit Union, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank highlights the ways Clearview Federal Credit Union is working to in the community to put an end to food insecurity.

The Food Podcast: The Nicest Grinch in Pittsburgh

Isaac Bernstein is 16yo from Upper Saint Clair who decided he wanted to do something to help after seeing so many people without homes asking for food on the streets of Pittsburgh. So he decided to dress up as a holiday figure and do personalized visits and activities for families in exchange for a donation to Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. This year, he’s going green as the beloved Mr. Grinch.

Why You Should Make Your Holiday Dinner Plate Colorful

The Food Bank’s Nutrition & Wellness Coordinator Erin Spangler says one of the easiest ways to get nutrition without checking labels is to simply make sure your plate is colorful.

“We know generally that a healthy eating pattern includes fruits and vegetables, fresh, canned or frozen, really any form is great. That will add a lot of that color. So try to fill half of your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables,” said Spangler.

Food Podcast: Former TV personality joins Food Bank

On this episode of the food podcast presented by Clearview Federal Credit Union, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank introduces you to a new team member! Ronnell Hunt is not only one of the new faces at the Food Bank, he’s a face many will be seeing in the community. Hunt is the new Community Education Specialist. The position is new position created to connect the community with information about food resource services and raise awareness about hunger in the three rivers region.

Food Bank: Hops For Hunger

Feeding Pennsylvania and PA Eats are joining forces with local breweries across the state to raise money for hunger relief through the first annual Hops For Hunger campaign this November. This will be a month-long, statewide fundraiser with proceeds benefiting Feeding PA’s mission and will support the development of nutrition education resources created by PA Eats for Feeding Pennsylvania’s network of food pantries.

Food Bank Prepares For Busy Thanksgiving Season

Thanksgiving is the busiest time of year for the Food Bank.  

The holiday is such a big undertaking for the Food Bank, staff start to prepare in Spring, working with suppliers and organizations to make sure every family has a Thanksgiving meal available to them. 

Why UPMC Health Team Is Critical In Identifying Food Insecurity

Among other donations, UPMC Health Plan actively works with the food bank to provide food to patients through an innovative team, created to help with the total welfare of the UPMC Health Plan member community.

This team, made up of community health workers, community paramedics, social workers and nurses is trained to check in on patients personally, and identify other hurdles contributing to the overall health of a patient.

Food Bank: How To Check Your Halloween Candy For Bad Sugars

With Halloween right around the corner, kids, and honestly lots of adults will be eating a large amount of candy.

“Halloween is a special occasion, it doesn’t happen every day and what we eat on a daily basis and a regular basis is far more important and reflects our inner health ultimately,” said the Food Bank’s nutrition and wellness coordinator Erin Spangler.

Spangler says the danger comes when you’re snacking on items with added sugar, like candy, on a regular basis.

Why More Food Banks Are Creating Government Affairs Departments

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank talks to a man who has played a critical role in securing food for the three rivers region.