Cam Heyward

“When we don’t tackle and fit right, that’s what happens. I think everybody’s pissed off. If you’re not pissed off then you shouldn’t be on this team. Big level of disappointment. You best believe when we get to practice stuff better be handled or we’re going to be in for a long season this year. There’s time but it’s about responding now. Our tape is what we’ve got to live on. If we don’t correct it guys are going to run the same plays over and over until we get sick of it. I’m just ticked. We all have to look at each other in the mirror. We’re not going to settle. We know when we put on this jersey it represents a lot. We might not be the same players but we have to step up and make plays, and focus.”

What Philly did?
“No, we just didn’t execute. Missed tackles. We’re just not following our assignments, that’s me included. No pointing fingers. But, as a defense we’ve got to step it up. We’ve got to play with more energy and sense of urgency. We’ve got one more preseason game left, I don’t know how much guys are going to play. We’ve got to know when Cleveland comes to us they’re going to bring the full shed on us. They’re not going to mess around, they’re going to see what we did wrong and continue to run it.”

On Keisel’s return
“Very happy, he’s a great team leader. Provides more depth for us. He’s going to give advice to me and the other guys. Never hurts to have another guy of his stature in the locker room.”

Is your ankle anything to be worried about?

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