Brett Keisel

“Well, it feels great to be back, to be in the locker room and feel the emotion of the game. Obviously it wasn’t the emotion I wanted to feel in this game, but to be back and to be able to hope to help lead some of these guys, and help these guys turn into pros and accountable pros I’m excited about it.”

“I’ve been training and I did feel like I was going to play. I felt since about March when I decided I still wanted to play football that something would happen. I hoped it would be here, and for a long time I did think it would and nothing happened, nothing happened. It was kind of weird like ‘What am I going to do now?’ I’m just grateful that the Rooneys believed in me enough to be able to come back and have an impact.”

Did you go to Arizona?
“I got on the flight. I was in there for a couple hours. But, I’m just grateful I can finish where I started.”

Your role?
“No, we really didn’t get into that too much. They just said, ‘We want you back’ and figured out a number and it worked out.”

Feel like an outsider?
“A little bit, I haven’t bled with these guys. A lot of them I have, well some of them I have. A lot of them I have no idea who they are. That’s the approach I took, I just kind of stepped back. I was vocal, as you can tell my voice isn’t in shape. But step back and try to get a gauge on some of these guys. We have work to do”

The vets ticked you missed camp?
“Some of the older guys are like, ‘How do we get on that Keisel program’. Most of them were very receptive, and it’s just great to be back in it”

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