WWE Hall of Fame Match Induction by Jeremy Ackman

Tis the season for wrestling fans. The best, without a shadow of a doubt, time for the WWE. Now this reference is not necessarily related to newest news of past superstars resigning, or the newest generation of television being introduced by the corporate juggernaut, no…this reference is in regards to the annual festivities of the Road to Wrestlemania.
Now it’s no secret that this “road” begins with the Royal Rumble, arguably the second biggest pay-per-view for the company. This year’s Rumble, launches in Pittsburgh. This path is paved all the way to New Orleans, where the 30th edition of the “Showcase of the Immortals”, Wrestlemania, will take place.
The most formal part of such event is the night before, in one of my favorite traditions, the induction of that years Hall of Fame Class. An event in which fans and inducted superstars can reminisce on the famous careers, persona, and charisma that brought them to such honorable nominations.
Now for those of you who are unaware, this is a self-proclaimed Hall of Fame, and unlike the NFL’s in Canton, OH, this has yet to exist as an actual facility. I give it within 5 years.
This year however, there is rumor of a first time induction of a historic match into such Hall. Everyone’s favorite person, “sources” are stating that they are not only thinking about a match induction, but corporate officials actually have the match picked out.
That match, is the first ever matchup to main event a Wrestlemania… “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan and Mr. T versus the always outspoken “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and partner Paul Orndorf.
I find match induction, to be an absolutely epic idea.
Wrestlemania is the heart beat of sports entertainment. What makes this so famous, what makes the storyline build ups become such “cannot miss television”, what makes superstars into legends, and history to be made, are the events matches.
Yes, the superstars in those matches make it all work, obviously. Nevertheless, when discussing the event, more often than not you hear “Did you see the Triple H and Undertaker match” or “I’m here to see Rock versus Cena” rather than “I paid to see CM Punk”. Now yes, people do show for their superstars, but the matches and how they unfold, seal 3 months plus of buildup and anticipation.
Without epic matches, there would be no Wrestlemania. Without Wrestlemania, there would probably be no WWE.
Please, I mean no disrespect to Vince McMahon, or ANY superstar that has competed. Vince will get his moment, and there are nearly 100 superstars that have already made that induction.
An argument though, is superstars make the matches, however others state matches make the superstars. I feel both aspects come into play.
So why not have matches as well? Some state that it is just not needed. Others rebuttal with comparisons to other sports Halls. “You don’t see baseball inducting game 7’s” or “The NFL doesn’t induct Super Bowls”. Two things come into play on that matter.
First, why not? Why not induct Super Bowl 1 or 2, or induct the David Tyree catch, or any Game 7 of any Stanley Cup final. Why not? Those were historic moments that changed either the game, a franchise, or even the sport itself.
Second, there is no reason to compare a professional sports Hall of Fame, to one of Sports Entertainment. Professional sports are entertaining, yes, but it’s the unscripted competitiveness of professional sports that drives people in. Professional wrestling, is sheer entertainment. They are superstars of entertaining, and making fans say “wow”. What more entertaining than an emotional, anticipated star-studded match at the “grandest stage of them all”?
The WWE inducts superstars, managers, and celebrities for their contributions to the sport of professional wrestling. Their sacrifices, their “resumes”, their title runs, their moments that are etched into wrestling fans minds forever. Matches have the same effect. Why not give them the moment of honor.
After all, it was thirty years ago and people still remember that Hogan/Piper match. Enough so, that it’s possibly the first ever match inducted.
As wrestling fans, let us hope so.

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