It is an event that is way overdue and I think Vince McMahon and the WWE will realize quickly how much an event in Japan was needed when the superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment invade the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan. Early on, it was looked at as a normal house show, but over the past few months, the event has been dubbed “The Beast in the East” event and has taken the feel of a normal pay-per-view event. The match card also makes it seem like a special event because fans in Japan will see Brock Lesnar for the first time ever, as well as future WWE hall of famer Chris Jericho, and a match between Kevin Owens and Finn Balor for the NXT Championship. The crowd in Tokyo will see a great show on the Fourth of July, but all around WWE fans will witness a somewhat unpredictable show.
The New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods) vs The Lucha Dragons: This will be an exciting match with a lot of athleticism to create big cheers from the crowd in Tokyo. The New Day is leading towards a tag team championship match against the Prime Time Players at Battleground in a few weeks, but The Lucha Dragons are working towards becoming players themselves in the tag team championship conversation. After this match provides multiple big and exciting moves, The Lucha Dragons will get the win, but not because of pinfall or submission. The New Day has been looked at as a heel group for the past few months and losing a match due to disqualification will further its image going into the match against the Prime Time Players.

Prediction: The Lucha Dragons win by DQ

Chris Jericho vs Neville: Yet another match that could very well steal the show in Tokyo features a WWE legend against a hyped up newcomer. Both of these superstars can put on a quality match and this is one that will really live up to the billing. Although it is somewhat predictable since Neville needs to build and Jericho makes spot appearances in the ring, it will still be a great match. And the crowd in Japan will get to witness the “Red Arrow.”
Prediction: Neville defeats Jericho by pinfall

Cesaro vs Diego: This could be the one match that will give the crowd five minutes to use the restroom. Diego is one member of Los Matadores, perhaps the most irrelevant tag team in the WWE right now and Cesaro just lost his partner, Tyson Kidd, but the former Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner is returning to his solo spotlight. Cesaro has tremendous athletic ability and surprising strength to make him one of the most exciting superstars today. This match will be quick, but not painless for Diego. Expect a quick win for the Swiss Superman.
Prediction: Cesaro wins by pinfall

Brock Lesnar vs Kofi Kingston: You can say that Kofi Kingston is Brock Lesnar’s opponent, but Kingston will be treated more like a victim. A Japanese crowd has never seen the likes of the “Beat Incarnate,” so expect him to be out in the ring for a chunk of time. This is a squash match that will build Lesnar into the monster he is heading into his WWE Heavyweight Championship match with Seth Rollins. Kingston will be slowly decimated by Brock Lesnar and the member of The New Day will get a first class trip to “Suplex City.” Don’t expect much offense from Kofi Kingston and expect a dominate victory for the former REIGNING, DEFENDING, UNDISPUTED, WWE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD… BROCK LESNAR!
Prediction: Brock Lesnar wins by pinfall

Nikki Bella (c) vs Naomi vs Paige (WWE Diva’s Championship): Any other time I would say that the title won’t change hands because titles never change hands during a live event. However, this isn’t just any other live event and with no Diva’s Championship match set yet at Battleground, fans could see the title going to another diva in the form of Naomi or Paige. This is one of the tougher matches to call, but in the end two heads are always better than one and something tells me that Nikki Bella will retain the title one way or another.
Prediction: Nikki Bella wins by pinfall and retains the WWE Diva’s Championship

Kevin Owens (c) vs Finn Balor (NXT Championship): This is the true main attraction tomorrow morning in Japan. Finn Balor has a long and storied road of professional wrestling which took him through Japan on his journey to NXT and WWE. In this case, he is the face and he also will have a home field advantage feel in this bout. Kevin Owens seems to be an unstoppable force in NXT, but that time seems to be coming to an end with his recent occurrences on WWE TV which means his permanent call up to the main roster is eminent. Owens has a match against John Cena in a few weeks at Battleground for the United States title and that could mean tomorrow will be one of his final NXT matches, and perhaps his final match as the NXT champion.

Prediction: Finn Balor wins by pinfall and becomes the new NXT champion
John Cena and Dolph Ziggler vs King Barrett and Kane: The main event of the card is a tag team match with really no build or importance. WWE is taking its chances with this being the final match of the event, but fans in Japan will be so incensed by superstars like John Cena and Dolph Ziggler that the match may not backfire. The finish of the match will be easy to predict because the faces will prevail in the end leaving the heels in the dust.
Prediction: Cena and Ziggler win by pinfall

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