The controversy of athletes using Performance-Enhancing Drugs, PEDs, makes me beg the question, what's the big deal? Steroids are prescribed to people to help them gain muscle and enhance stamina. These athletes who are using steroids are most likely getting them from knowledgeable health professionals and not attaining them in some dark alleyway.
In the past few months a parade of respected athletes have been rumored to be pumping these drugs into their systems instead of pumping more iron.
Lance Armstrong, cancer survivor, and professional cyclist lost all 7 of his champion titles due to his doping allegations. Last month, Armstrong confessed of his steroid use to Oprah and made his first public remarks about the stripping of his records.
MLB star, A-Rod, has admitted to using PEDs in the past in order to stay healthy. More recently, a report came out alleging he has been using these drugs during the time he was a Yankee. Rodriguez denied the accusations, but now the Yankees are pressed to investigate into his career.
Adrian Peterson's historic comeback to the Vikings this season raises some questions. How did his knee heal so miraculously in such a short period of time and then rush an astounding 2,097 yards and almost break a record? Some are pointing to potential PED use.
Super Bowl 2013 linebacker for the Ravens, Ray Lewis, is the newest victim of accusatory supplement use. He tore his triceps in October and rebounded quite fast for a 37 year old. Lewis denies any steroid use but some people are still skeptical. But what does it matter? It's too late for him to be suspended from the Super Bowl and he is more than likely retiring afterwards.
In college, I knew many students who were taking prescription Adderall for the sole purpose of keeping them focused and awake to study. Does that make their test scores invalid because they used a supplement to aid them?
Athletes are paid millions to be at a top performance level so I don't think using these substances is what the media and sports officials should be focused on.

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