Steelers' WR Mike Wallace is 2nd in the NFL in receiving yards through three weeks, trailing only New England's Wes Welker. I spoke to Wallace in the Pittsburgh locker room after practice today about how their yards compare (Wallace was smiling as he discussed the topic):

Q: You're second in receiving yards to Wes Welker. Whose yards come easier, yours or Welkers'?

"His, definitely. He just sits in a zone. He has a great QB who just puts it on him. All he has to do is go five yards and turn around. He gets up the field really fast, he gets good yards after the catch as well… Wes Welker's a great player, he has a great QB, great coach… My yards come way harder than his, though. it's not even close.

Q: Why don't you run those 5 yard curls then?

That's Hines' job. That's what Hines does, he's our zone man. I don't want to take over his job, once he leaves, then maybe I'll get a couple of those. For now, I'll take the big plays.

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