Here is the transcript of Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley as the team wrapped up Thursday practice in preparation for the Cincinnati Bengals:

Your quarterback left early today, is he OK?

"Anything to do with players leaving the field refer to the head coach."

On Mike Adams starting at RT

"I think Mike has done a very good job post-injury, coming back, because he was making progress when he got hurt in the preseason. He's come back and worked hard, gotten better, and I thought he did some good things in the game last week which is great experience for him. Now he gets another shot to go out there with the live bullets and see how much progress he's making. But I think we all have confidence in what he's doing. Mike's getting his number called and he's got to go in and do his job. That's why he's here. This will be his second opportunity to play a full game and hopefully play at a high level."

Is this an unusual amount of injuries to deal with?

"You know, I've been places like with the New York Jets in 1999 coming off a good year we had every possible ACL you could have. Last year in Kansas City I think everyone's pretty aware of what went on injury wise. But the good thing is most of these guys are battling to get back and that's all you ask is that there's going to be injuries but you just don't want too many of those that take guys out for the season."

Will you perhaps need a rotation at running back this week?

"Yeah, and that's really kind of how we were built through the preseason and some of the things we've had to deal through a rotation. Those guys know everything they need to know, and I feel good about each one of them playing their role."

Can you use Baron Batch and Chris Rainey in every situation?

"I really believe that all of those guys [RB] Coach [Kirby] Wilson has them all prepared. I don't know if early on I would have said the same thing, but the stage we're at right now I think all those guys have cross-trained including Will Johnson who knows the running back and the fullback position along with if we're in two tight-ends. Coach Kirb has done a great job of having those guys ready and from what I've seen they're all ready to go."

Baron said after the Tennessee game that he missed a few open holes…

"If he says it then I would believe his word, but the guy didn't play all of last year. And he hadn't played on a full-time basis this year so each and every game he's in there getting active reps is a positive for him because he's gaining experience because he's still [like] a rookie."

How often does Bengals DT Geno Atkins get double-teamed?

"Yeah, he's the second leading sacker in the league playing three-technique, which is not a normal thing since the days of John Randall and things like that. He's an active, active player that can penetrate the line and shows up in the backfield in the run game and the pass game, but he's a guy you've got pay special attention to. Knowing that, they've got some outside, long [defensive] ends they're bringing around the corner. So you got to make sure that you're trying to help out as many guys as you can and everybody's got to do their job."

Do the Bengals blitz much?

"They bring pressure in some different spots, but I'd say knowing [Bengals defensive coordinator] Mike Zimmer having been in Dallas with him he probably feels pretty good about having 4, 5, and 6 guys that he has to put up front to bring it. If you can play defense and four guys can create a lot of pressure and sacks that's a good thing."

Was hitting a big pass play to Mike Wallace last week a relief for the WRs?

"I don't know, we were stagnant for three of four series after that so I don't know if that ended up being a good thing, but, no like I said I think the big plays will come, they'll be there. The key is not trying to make them when they're not there, and Ben's done a terrific job of that. That [TD] was a great look and Mike did a great job and Ben made a great throw."

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