Remember just a year or so ago when people actually wanted to debate whether Alexander Ovechkin was the best player in the NHL? At least he was putting up stats to warrant such discussion. He also had to dodge all of the complaints for his constant dirty hits.

Last year he put up 32 goals, far off his usual 50 goal pace. At least he still had his dirty, errr "physical play." Not anymore. The NHL finally cracked down on Ovechkin for his patented style of leaving his feet to deliver checks. No more charging, no more spearing, no more headhunting. No more fun of any kind!

What is a guy with declining goal scoring ability to do now that he can't be a dirty player. Apparently he is going to add being a whiny crybaby to his resume. Ovechkin announced that he will not attend the NHL All-Star game as a result of his suspension.

He also used the childish "Why didn't Michalek get suspended mommy" line upon learning of his suspension. He also saw absolutely nothing wrong with his hit. Nope there's nothing wrong with leaving your feet at all Ovie except for the fact it's against the rules.

The fact he's gone this long without a suspension speaks to how much bias the league gave to its superstars. Matt Cooke was a "repeat offender" and got the equivalent of an 18 game suspension at the end of last year's regular season and the first round of the playoffs.

At least Cooke has shown the ability to learn from his suspension and has changed the way he plays the game. I wonder if Ovechkin will be able to drastically alter his game by just staying on his feet.

It's bad enough he acts this childish, but this buffoon is the captain of the Washington Capitals. That's right. This level of stupidity is what passes for leadership for the hockey team that resides in the nation's capital.

Of course what else do you expect from that city in which our nation's leaders are just as adept at pointing the blame to everyone else but themselves? No wonder the Capitals never win anything. There's no accountability. Perhaps this is just leftover remnants of the Bruce Boudreau regime.

The best part of this suspension, and Ovechkin's refusal to play in the All-Star game might be that it should open up a roster spot for James Neal, who is more than worthy of getting a nod to the team.

You just have to get past the temper tantrum to see the golden lining.

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