Fall is in the air!

What's up, Steeler Nation! I don't know about you guys, but I can tell that fall has finally arrived here in Pittsburgh. It's starting to get colder around these parts; I might need to bring a coat to the game this weekend. Speaking of this weekend, are you all ready to get back to Heinz Field or what? I know we are. The team is looking refreshed and revitalized after our bye week; I hope you fans had a chance to reenergize.

We have an exciting game ahead of us against the Philadelphia Eagles. With Michael Vick as quarterback and the Eagles being explosive, it should be a great battle all the way down to the very end, which is why we need you all out there, fired up and ready to go! You have no idea what an impact fans like you have on us and the opposing team. Shout out to the best fans around #SteelerNation.

A few of you mentioned that you wanted an update on how my bye week went, so here it is. As I told you, I went down to Orlando to visit my son and his mom for a few days. There are so few things in the world that bring more joy to my life than my family. They are my rock and my inspiration. My son played T-ball and was bragging all the way to the baseball field.

"Daddy I'm really good," he told me. Now, I like giving him a hard time, so I'd tell him, "I don't know son, I'll believe it when I see it." Lo and behold, the little guy is really good out there (and he wasn't afraid to let me know after the game).

"See, I told you I'm really good." Man, he is too funny and I was so proud of him. I think his mom was a little embarrassed by how loud I was cheering for him.

My son and I went to see "Hotel Transylvania" while I was there. That is an excellent movie! I was really surprised by how good it was. I recommend you check it out, if you have kids. My son was showing off his Halloween costumes. He is really big into Star Wars, so his mom got him all set up with a few different costumes. I think he's going to go with Darth Vader.

Tweet me pictures of your Halloween costumes. I want to see what kind of Halloween swag you are working with. @Ike_SwagginU

Have to say thanks one more time for everyone picking up gear at Paradigmwear.com. I'm really excited to see the pink Breast Cancer Awareness shirts around town. Don't forget to keep tweeting me photos of yourself in the gear. Stay warm out there! Keep reading and showing your support.

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