Snoop Dogg thanks the Bengals for the Steelers, Pac Man Jones freaks out on-line over the refs and an epic hockey meltdown anniversary in audio form.

Ryan Shazier is the Defensive Player of the Week brought to you by Frank Walker Law. His forced fumble on Jeremy Hill saved the game, hear him talk about it after the game.


Rob Rossi joins Junker, Laird and Benz gives his thoughts on the Steelers win over the Bengals, does the NFL need to have better control over these games?

Steelers win in a wild game on Wildcard Weekend. Match-up vs. Broncos and who is going to be healthy enough to play? THE MORNING SHOW IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE TEAM SPANOS GROUP OF RAYMOND JAMES. RECENTLY HIGHLIGHTED AS THE FACE OF FINACIAL GUIDANCE IN PITTSBURGH MAGAZINE.

All Playoff coverage this week is brought to you by Goodrich & Geist, Pursuing justice for real people, on-line at

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