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In Part 1 of this week’s podcast, my guests are former LPGA Commissioner & Author Charlie Mechem and The Confidence Doctor, Dr. Robert Winters.

Charlie Mechem has recently written his third book titled, Arnie & Jack, Stories of My Long Friendship with Two Remarkable Men. We hear about how he met both men and stories from his 10 years working as a Consultant to Arnold Palmer following Charlie’s tenure as Commissioner of the LPGA Tour. One of the many great stories that Charlie share is from when former PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem asked him to convince Mr. Palmer and Mr. Nicklaus to Co-Design The King & the Bear. Finchem failed to get them to agree to it multiple times. Charlie had a very unique idea how to get them to do it…and it worked. We also hear about the true mutual respect and friendship Jack and Arnie had. Charlie tells the story of having lunch with Mr. Palmer following The Masters one year. They talked about a player who was in contention laid up on 13 & 15. Neither couldn’t imagine why anyone would do that. Palmer asked Charlie, do you remember how many times I finished 2nd in The Masters? Charlie said no. Mr. Palmer replied, neither do I. Hear those stories plus several other wonderful ones including Charlie playing golf with Neil Armstrong, Paul Brown, Pete Rose, and Tommy Thayer of Kiss.

Dr. Bob Winters, The Confidence Doctor, joins me in the second segment. He shares tips for how to keep those intrusive negative thoughts out of our minds when we want to see all the trouble around the golf course. Change Your Mind, Change Your Game is his mantra. He also talks about how to be smarter than your doubt plus shares a wonderful story of meeting Jack Fleck out on the driving range and the impact that had on him going forward.

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