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  • S11, Ep 35, Pt 1: The Confidence Doctor, Dr. Bob Winters; the Founder of Golf Live, Keith Scioli; and our Resident Director of Instruction, Tom Patri

Dr. Bob makes his regular monthly appearance and discusses the importance of having a SOLID foundation for your game. What does SOLID stand for? He explains it as:

  • Single-minded
  • Optimistic
  • Letting go of score and expectations
  • Intentional and focused over each shot
  • Decisive and determined mindset

Dr. Bob also shares insights about a hidden gem course in Ocala, which he says may be the best in Florida.

Keith Scioli transitioned from being a Landman for Southwest Energy to creating the ultimate golf app, Golf Live. Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, this app offers real-time live playing lessons with a PGA Professional, no matter where you or they are. Struggling on the range and wish you could get a live lesson right then? Now you can. Keith walks us through the app’s features, including the soon-to-be-added swing data integration, making it feel like you’re in a simulator with your coach, even if you’re just hitting into a net in your backyard.

Tom Patri is back, and this week we discuss more missed short putts on tour. At least this time, the player didn’t avoid the media and fans. Tom also explains why your handicap might be misleading if you play most of your rounds on the same course.

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