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  • S11, Ep 32, Pt 2: PGA Tour SuperStore Chief Merchandise Officer Randy Peitsch & Gof Magazine Top 100 Instructor Jeff Smith

In Part 2 of Episode 32 I’m joined by PGA Tour SuperStore Chief Merchandising Office Randy Peitsch and Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor Jeff Smith.

Randy is such a delightful, wonderful, very uplifting person. He’s the kind of guy you’d love to have in your foursome. He’s also a great family man. He shares heartwarming stories of times out on the course with his 3 sons and the memories they’ve made together. You’ll hear about the emergency 9 they got in when they pulled over for a restroom break while traveling and stumbled upon a great local muni. For my Yinzers out there, you’ll also hear about when he took one of his sons to Pittsburgh for a Penguins game. This segment is all about the impact golf has on our lives and the memories you make with family and friends out on the course. Memories that you’ll talk about for years to come. Randy also tells us about the hot items you can get Dad this year for Father’s Day.

Jeff Smith makes a return visit in segment 2. We hear about his new summer home at Pine Canyon, in Flagstaff, Arizona and its sister course Talking Rock in Prescott. Then Jeff and I talk about the evolution of the golf swing and putting stroke, going from the reverse-C finish and wristy putter stroke to ones now where we finish perpendicular to the ground on our full swing and the locked wrist putting stroke. We also talk about the benefits kids have by being well-rounded athletes versus focusing on one sport, Lexi Thompson’s retirement announcement, and taking out that decorative alignment stick from our bag and actually using it.

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