Courtney Weber is a Level 3 Titleist Performance Institute and Golf Digest certified Trainer. I had the privilege of being introduced to her by Top Instructor and my gumba Rob Strano at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show. Courtney shares exercises aimed at enhancing power and explosiveness in our golf swings. She delves into Advanced Dissociation Exercises, their benefits for overall fitness, and the optimal balance between cardio, weight training, and explosive movements.

Cree Morris, a standout QB at Orange Glen High School in San Diego with his jersey recently retired, began his college career alongside Marshall Faulk at San Diego State. He recounts these experiences and offers insights into QB fundamentals, advice for NFL rookie QBs, and what made Dan Marino exceptional. We conclude with Cree discussing cherished moments on the golf course with his son and their favorite spots in San Diego.

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