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In Season 11 Episode 26 Part 1, I’m joined by PGA Professional Hall of Famer Bob Ford and Uneekor VP of Marketing Greg Sabella.

Bob Ford is a living legend in our game. He is perhaps the most decorated PGA Professional of all-time. You’ll find him enshrined in many Hall of Fames:

  • University of Tampa Sports Hall of Fame
  • Allegheny Kiski Valley Sports Hall of Fame
  • Western Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame
  • PGA Professional Hall of Fame

Last summer he was presented the William D. Richardson Award by the Golf Writers Association of America for his consistently outstanding contribution to golf. His coaching tree is also tall and wide. Bob is the most universally revered PGA Professional in the game.

I get his insights on this year’s Masters tournament, Neal Shipley’s performance, the falling television ratings, rising greens fees around the country, his Yinzer pride, the Pirates season and disdain for the Owner, his excitement over what the Steelers have done so far this offseason, and his role as the Starter at the US Open.

Greg Sabella is back with an exciting new product. We discuss Uneekor’s new EYE Mini Lite Launch Monitor. It’s the launch monitor we’ve all dreamed of having in our basement or den, and now it’s more affordable. Not only does it provide all the data we need like ball speed, launch angle, and smash factor, it also comes with Game Day Software that allows us to play online simulator golf matches with our friends anywhere in the world. There’s also a Target Practice game which is like being at Top Golf. Plus, there’s an AI Trainer to help you with your swing. The Eye Minit Lite is an unbelievable game improvement tool that will take your game to a whole new level, plus provide hours of family fun.

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