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The Robert Morris University Men's Basketball team had a successful Thursday night during their first exhibition game of the season (11/1). They defeated the Saint Vincent Bearcats by a score of 81-67. There are four new players who joined the team this season, Vaughn Morgan (Pittsburgh, PA), Karvel Anderson (Elkhart, Indiana), and Jervon Pressley (Charlotte, N.C.); all transferred to Robert Morris University. Also, Robert Morris recruited a freshman, Stephan Hawkins from Gary, Indiana.

All the newcomers had a great start as a Colonial except for Jervon Pressley who did not play. As for Vaughn Morgan, he had seven rebounds and ten points and was also a starter. Robert Morris Guard, Karvel Anderson had 8 points in his first game at the Sewall Center. Stephan Hawkins, a freshman forward, had four total rebounds, four points, and had two assists.

The starters of the Robert Morris Men's Basketball team, Mike McFadden, Velton Jones, Coron Williams, and Russell Johnson did not let the "Colonial Crazies" down. They all came out strong and entertained the fans with a barrage of three-pointers. Robert Morris Guard, Coron Williams, had the team-high (17) and had two rebounds and two assists. Anthony Myers-Pate fell right behind him with a total of 12 points, two rebounds, and three assists. As for Velton Jones, he had four points. Jones played only ten minutes due to a minor injury in the game. Mike McFadden fell behind Anthony Myers-Pate in points (11) but had three rebounds and four assists. The senior forward, Russell Johnson, had eight points, four rebounds, and two assists.

Overall, Robert Morris rarely missed any of their three-pointers (68.4%). Their shooting percentage was 47.2% at the end of the game. The Colonials are going to have a big season with their new talented players and their main playmakers. Next weekend, Robert Morris will travel to Lawrenceville, New Jersey, where they will play Rider in their second exhibition game. Also, The Colonials will be competing in the NIT Tournament on Monday, November 12, 2012, where they will play against Lehigh in Pittsburgh at 9 p.m.

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