cmpunkThis Sunday is the WWE’s 2nd installment of their pay-per-view “Payback”. Where storylines take turns, and where “Payback” towards a familiar foe is imminent. For this pay-per-view, there are several marquee matchups, a few of which can be main events. We have elimination matches, a few title matches and a 6 man elimination that is for sure going to steal the show.
However, this pay-per-view to me, is not one of storylines of in ring action, this one is one of out of ring action. Payback, is going to happen in Chicago, Illinois. Now to many, this means nothing. To the drama loved WWE fan, this is only the second time WWE will grace the birth and present land of the artist formally known as CM Punk.
I have a huge tolerance for the WWE, as a fan for over 22 years I have to. However, there is one thing that I cannot stand for the past 6 months, and that is the obsession of CM Punk, and more so, his departure.
Though the true story was never officially revealed, CM Punk’s last known match was right here in Pittsburgh, at the Royal Rumble event. Most say, it was the Raw the night after in which backstage conflict led to the “resignation” of CM Punk, or to the real world known as Phil Brooks. Since then, he has not been seen sporting or supporting the WWE and wrestling world. Sporadically there will be a picture of the guy pop on Instagram, and it goes well past viral within seconds. His Twitter account was watched like a hawk since January, as for over 4 months it was silent. Just recently, it has got some attention for that Punk has made himself heard over the recent playoff drive of his beloved Chicago Blackhawks.
The part that bothers me the most though, are the random CM Punk chants by fans, the obsession over this man, and the way the WWE Universe is reacting to such events. I will bet everything I own, everything, that the WWE starts SEVERAL “CM PUNK” chants at the pay per view. Most would say rightfully so, it’s his hometown right? Wrong. If the chants of CM PUNK haven’t worked for the first 4 and a half months, why would they now?
Fans need to give up on the fact he’s coming back anytime soon, let alone at all…….
There’s been reports that he is being stalked outside his home. People camp outside his house and dig through his garbage. Yes, his garbage. However, don’t expect to see the CM Punk authentic apple core on WWE Shop zone soon. Every time Punk tries to tweet about the hockey game (or a bet with LA King’s mascot) his twitter is flooded with anti-punk comments, or WWE based comments of when he’s coming back or looking for answers.
Does Punk deserve this? Well, kind of yeah. He has really done this to himself. Punk, who devoted his time to fans experiences at the shows, literally turned his back on those fans who spend $25 on his t-shirts and make their Punk slogan signs. He left, with NO explanation to why. Nothing. A thank you on twitter, followed 4 months of silence. That was all. If he was so upset with the way things were ran, why didn’t he cut an amazing promo prior? Or a retirement match? Or “get injured” in a storyline? Or heck, suck it up? In a way, he doesn’t have to do all that. He’s still getting his millions off merchandise and the exploitation of his stage name, but as a fan savior, or in his words “voice of the voiceless”, that voice has been way too quiet. This to me, is like a bad break up. The fans want closure. I feel this stocking or obsession would have been avoided (at some level) if this was just handled differently.
So in writing this, this is not a “leave Punk alone” preach (sort of). Let’s say I won’t deliberately come out and say “leave him alone”, but enough is enough right? As a WWE fan, I am just tired of hearing useless chants. He’s not coming back, not for a while, if at all. One reason of his bitterness is the WWE’s habit of pushing returning talents (ie Batista this year). Wouldn’t that make his a hypocrite if he returns? I guess it depends on which juncture he returns in. Maybe he shows up at Payback. Maybe he’s the new General Manger after the firing of the previous one on Last Monday’s edition of Raw. Maybe he shows up in 8 months for a Wrestlemania push. Or maybe, just maybe, he is done. No one seems to accept that, that is one possibility, one aspect in which could come true.
I am just tired of the random, useless, no point or reference Punk chants. I’m tired of good matches or segments or promos hijacked by a Punk chant. There’s been great matches, or segments in which a Punk chant is uncalled for that just dampers what we’re experiencing, much to what I expect come Sunday.
In a way yes, it’s WWE who can take SOME blame in the Punk thing, but I don’t see them MORE at fault than Phil Brooks himself. I am happy for him, because he’s not a wrestler or a character or a Paul Heyman guy, but a person. After all, they are ALL people. He is relaxing, still deemed successful, and about to marry a WWE diva upcoming month.
So, as politely as I can say, fans have got to just suck it up. Punk will do what Punk will do, whenever Punk feels like doing. That the joys of “retirement”. Stop the Punk chants. Hell, protest if you will and stop buying his stuff if it makes you feel better. Let the current, employed superstars continue the show, because this is a business, and the show must and will go on.
Ironically in the words of either Barrett’s “I’m afraid I’ve got some Bad News”, or even better Batista’s “deal with it”…..that’s exactly what WWE fans are going to have to accept and do.

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