The Pitt men's basketball team won their third straight Big East game on Tuesday with a hard-fought 58-54 win over Providence.

After the game Friars' head coach Ed Cooley took the podium and took a shot at the officiating in the contest while only grudgingly giving the Panthers credit for the victory. Here is the postgame transcipt:

"Another Big East tough game. I think it's first and ten on the fifteen yard line. A couple of field goals kicked. A couple of holding calls that weren't called. We had some incredible un-timed mistakes. We're making a lot of bad mistakes that are costing us games. A free throw here, a throw out-of-bounds there. They made their shots and we didn't. Credit them coming in and getting the win. Right now I've got to teach our guys how to win in this league, and right now I've got to do a better job of doing that. We're close, we're just not there. We found a way to lose today, we really did. Credit them, they earned it. I've got to do a better job with the group."

On whether Pitt had great offense or they had poor defense:
"They've had guys, everybody on the floor other than Adams that have learned to play in Big East games. We have some young guys that haven't. They had decent offensive execution and they passed the ball really well. They're a good basketball team. I think they were very, very, very fortunate to get a win in here today. And a lot of that was our lack of execution. Were there even any fouls called in the game? Seriously? Were any fouls called. That was a football game out there, that was the Patriots and Ravens in basketball uniforms. "

Reporter: "The Patriots don't hit that hard, Ed."

Cooley: "Well the Friars didn't either. We've got to earn our respect, that's just the nature of building the program. Everybody's human. I think the more you win the more respect you get, it's just human nature."

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