Eric Kasperowicz often was told by coaches and those close to him that he would make a good coach one day.

When his playing days were over, he decided to find out.

“I had a feeling that if I wasn’t going to play, I’d be a coach,” Kasperowicz said in part 4 of this week’s “Huddle Up with Gus” podcast. “I knew I wanted to be involved with athletics and sports.

“My decision … was, should I go the college route, the GA-type thing and try to go that route, or try to go into high school again. I had such a great high school career, and being close to my family and whatnot, I had an education background.

“A couple of the mentors I had said, you know college is awesome and all, but it’s tough. It’s tough on your family and traveling, the instability of it.

“I decided at the time to go the high school route, and the rest is history.”


Coming Friday: Part 5 with Eric Kasperowicz

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