The Pitt football team is two practices into it’s fall camp. Which in my opinion is the most important camp of the Chryst-era. The schedule sets up for Pitt to have success and the starting QB, Chad Voytik has been in the system for three years. ¬†Translation: Pressure is on. Here are some of my observations from Pitt camp day two:

  1. No pads on, very hard to tell much about at this point.
  2. Freshman Runing Back, Chris James looks the part. He runs fast, moves quick and sharp, and even called himself the “homerun hitter.” Hyped to see how he looks like when the hitting starts this weekend.
  3. Tyler Boyd is the leader of the Receivers, not just talent wise, but vocally as well. He was showing is teammates younger and older what to do on the field. Didn’t expect to see that.
  4. According to DB Tarrish Webb, backup QB Trey Anderson is the best paintball player on the team. Has his own gun and mask.
  5. RB James Conner has been playing both ways so far in camp, just like he did in the bowl game against Bowling Green. According to Pitt coaches, he could be a third down specialist at defensive end.
  6. Chad Voytik, doesn’t have the arm of Tom Savage, so look for a “dink-and-dunk” offense. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, just that the offense will look a lot different than it did last year.
  7. Rap, country, and pop music played throughout most of practice, which makes Pitt camp more entertaining than Steelers training camp. The argument between two assistants when DJ Khaled was replaced by Florida Georgia Line was better than anything I’ve seen at a camp in 5 years.

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