This Roundtable Show is BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE TEAM SPANOS GROUP OF RAYMOND JAMES. RECENTLY HIGHLIGHTED AS THE FACE OF FINANCIAL GUIDANCE IN PITTSBURGH MAGAZINE. Pens Beat Writer on the road with the team joins Ken Laird and Josh Taylor for one hour of the best Penguins talk.


$5 for breakfast, $10 for lunch, $15 for dinner. You are eating but you are not eating gourmet food for those prices. If you work for 30 years and then are retired for 30 years you will need $ 10,900 per year to eat at those prices, not factoring in inflation or taxes. That would be $327,000 to eat in your retirement years without inflation and another $327,000 to feed your spouse or significant other.

In other words, if you are now questioning if you’ve saved enough to eat in retirement, call the financial advisors of The Spanos Group of Raymond James at 866-916-Retire to develop a written Financial Goal Plan tailored to your resources and financial goals. Spanos Group, Pittsburgh Magazine’s Face of Financial Guidance.
That number is 866-916-retire.
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