The Nittany Lions absolutely destroyed Indiana State today overpowering them with stout defense and a strong running game, but running the fullback dive play over and over again isn't going to work against Alabama next Saturday. It's a mystery why Penn State Coaches and fans are obsessed with playing Rob Bolden, he did nothing to stand out yet again, this time against seriously inferior competition. A Big Ten Network shot of Bolden's dad, who by the way is worse than a little league dad complaining his kid isn't playing enough, showed him in the stands staring at his phone while Matt McGloin led Penn State to an easy touchdown. McGloin isn't an ideal option at QB, but he's obviously better than Bolden. Even the Big Ten announcers commented on how McGloin looked better in practice, they also noted that the PSU coaches downplayed it and claimed that charting every play showed they were equal. Anybody with eyes knows that's a lie. Paterno and Paterno and Hall want Bolden to play because he's younger, he's got more potential than McGloin and him and his daddy will throw a hissy fit if he doesn't get to play. The Big Ten broadcast team also commented on how McGloin was joking around with teammates while Bolden was sitting on the bench by himself, that happens when you threaten to transfer because you stink. And maybe McGloin can only beat the bad teams, maybe he'll never be good enough to beat Alabama or Ohio State. There doesn't seem to be a solution, but we all know what Penn State is going to do, Rob Bolden is going to start against the Crimson Tide and it's not going to go well. At some point, when the Nittany Lions are down big, McGloin will come in and maybe throw for a couple of garbage touchdowns making the decision look even worse. The reality is though, that this QB issue to go along with a really shoddy kicker situation (Evan Lewis missed two field goals and an extra point) means Penn State is about to be embarrassed by Alabama for the second year in a row. So much for that home and home series.

Pitt meanwhile kicks off against Buffalo tonight in what should be another blowout. has the reasons why it could be a good play for you.

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