mitb First off, though irony can be to blame, the title does not depict the bleed funds of Vince McMahon and the WWE. It however, reflects the next pay per view edition of WWE, and their Money in the Bank show. This is one of my personal favorites, because its main event, features my favorite match style of the WWE (thank you Chris Jericho).
For those unaware, the Money in the Bank match is in a handful of WWE superstars are thrown into a ring, all at the same time, with about 2 dozen ladders surrounding them. The purpose of the match is that there is a briefcase in the center of the ring, that one must climb the ladder to retrieve. In such briefcase, is a contract for a championship title shot, wherever or whenever the victor decides. Past occasions has seen superstars give their opponent a heads up in regards to when they want to cash, but most wait until the champ is weak, beaten, or injured from a previous bout. The matches are usually flawless, but what makes it fun, is the suspense of when that case and contract will be cashed in.
Now, that you have received Money in the Bank 101, now it’s time to explain the differences in this year’s matchup.
In past bouts, there were 2 matches, 2 victors, and 2 briefcases. One would be for the WWE Championship, the other, for the World Heavyweight Championship. Now in reflection of creative “great idea” they have combined the champion, for one title. So as you can see, we will have not 2 exciting matches and build ups, but one.
Second, we have an issue with the champion himself. In a non kayfabe manner, Daniel Bryan is hurt, bad, and required neck surgery just a few weeks ago. Daniel Bryan is our undisputed champion. In a recent twist, if Daniel cannot compete, instead of a briefcase above the ring, we will have both titles, being stripped off the champion during his recovery stages, and if the recovery efforts are running into the delays and set backs advised, this is the more likely approach.
So why is this a big moment? There are 2 reasons that I can see this pay per view helping this company… it all depends on which approach they decide.
For starters, and its obvious, they can launch the career of an upcoming star. If it goes as planned, the titles will be on the line, and not a briefcase. What better way to launch a superstar than having them win this iconic match? Likes of Cesaro, Ziggler, Rhodes, or even a Wyatt family or Shield member, would be a huge “push” into the industry, and making it must see television. A fresh face will be needed. In April, we received just that in Daniel Bran, but now with injuries, we need to keep that “fresh champion” momentum. No more Triple H, no more Orton, defiantly no more Cena. They have a chance to mess this up as well as make a splash to set them up for the next few months…let’s see which route they take.
The second aspect, and in my personal opinion, the more important one, is that they can now tie in a way to split the unification of the champion. I have hated this idea from day 1. Having one champion is good in the NHL, NFL, or MLB, because there’s at best 30 or so teams. The WWE roster (with the NXT roster included) is PACKED with unused or misused talent. Likes of Ziggler, Sandow, Rhodes, and anyone from Shield or Wyatt’s can benefit from a higher marque push. For many years, the World Heavyweight was a launching pad for the most coveted prize in the biz, the WWE Championship. Having 40+ superstars all trying for one title is absurd. Especially, when you look at it as there are dozens of storylines and feuds all taking place, it’s hard to capture the talents if all the focus is on one.
For example, if Daniel was JUST the WWE Champ, how easy would this be? You can have the World Heavyweight title get top focus for the now apparent 2 consecutive pay per views. If that was on a rising star, as the World Heavyweights has been, the focus and storylines would be great, leading up to them main eventing the past 2 pay per views. Most importantly, for this month, you can still have your 2 Money in the Bank matches, 2 briefcase winners, and the WWE title would not need to be stripped off Daniel. Face it, this is real to them, this is goals and dreams to the “superstars” that are actual people with goals and dreams. This was a dream that Daniel fought hard for and to have it end this way is wrong.
I don’t work for WWE creative, so I do not know the “best” way to split them. Maybe have both titles hanging, and the World Heavyweight be captured just to then have that superstar be interrupted getting the second. This would eventually lead into 2 winners, two titles separated, and TWO CHAMPIONS. One healed, Daniel can have his rematch but the other title can begin a new career for 2 new stars.
It makes sense, so in the WWE’s latest run probably will not do it. Sorry Hunter, or the Game, or Mr. Levesque, having ONE champion is NOT best for business. Hopefully we can fix this and begin to help this financially bleeding company.

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