Man! There is a lot of rationalizing going on as it relates to the Maurkice Pouncey injury. Rationalizing the existence of the preseason. Rationalizing how good he is…or isn’t. Rationalizing the nature of his broken ankle.


Why are we wasting our time doing this? Stop trying to make yourselves feel better. This sucks!

Let’s go point by point as some try to explain away the impact of Pouncey’s loss.


NO KIDDING! So why expose your stars to four more opportunities for injury with these thinly veiled money grabs that are masquerading as competition?

This is more commonly known as the “RICH EISEN ARGUMENT.” The NFL Network talking head tweeted the following on Sunday after Pouncey and Jordy Nelson were lost during that four hour affront to the sport at Heinz Field: “Even if the league cuts preseason in half to 2 games injuries like the ones to Nelson, Pouncey et al could’ve still happened #NoSolution”

Actually, Rich, there is a solution. Abolish the preseason. Get rid of it. Or if the money hungry owners that sign your checks don’t want to lose ALL the cash, then…yes. Cut the games to two. That’s two fewer opportunities for injury. And maybe the coaches would be less inclined to play starters much at all and spend the bulk of the time focussing on what they allege the pre-season is all about: Trying to gauge who should round out the bottom part of the roster.

For the record, I’m impressed Eisen wasn’t injured after that tweet. Any guy can easily strain his back carrying all that water for the league. Keep lifting with the legs, Rich!

Oh, and from this fan’s/media member’s point of view, getting a major injury in the pre season isn’t the same as the regular season. I could digest when Pouncey got hurt in the first game of the year in 2013. That game counted in the standings. It mattered. Tough break for the Steelers. But suck it up because yes…that’s when injuries ARE a part of the game. This injury happened, however, in a game that will never be remembered as anything besides the “trash exhibition cluster-muck that didn’t count but cost two Pro Bowlers their seasons.”

POUNCEY IS OVERRATED: You know what, for a lot of his career I would have given you that. After a stellar rookie season, I’d go along with those who would argue that his actual production was blurred by his “burst on the scene” reputation and his significant/untimely injuries.

But he was great last year. When he was (for the most part) healthy. There was no reason to expect anything less this year. And his healthy presence did a ton for the rest of the o-line in that turn around 2014 campaign. Plus his ability (along with David Decastro’s) to get out to the second level athletically and block was a big factor in Le’Veon Bell’s emergence a season ago. His back up, Cody Wallace, is capable. But he’s limited compared to Pouncey.

And then there is this stat from the Trib’s Chris Adamski- The Steelers are 42-21 when Pouncey plays a majority of a game. They are 10-12 when doesn’t play or leaves early.

THE STEELERS WERE 3-1 in 2013 WHEN WALLACE WAS THE FULL TIME STARTER: Yup. Also got a tweet from a listener who apparently did some homework and found that the club averaged 28.5 PPG, 332 rush yards for Bell, and allowed just 6 sacks for Ben Roethlisberger in that time.

Got it. But who did they beat? The answer: An equally mediocre 8-8 Miami team. The 4-12 Browns. And a Packer club that was 25th in yards per game on defense.


POUNCEY IS TO BLAME FOR HIS INJURIES: This may be my favorite. Blaming Pouncey for his injuries over the years. Can’t see the flaw in logic here!

Go ahead. Blame Pouncey because Flozell Adams blocked a linebacker onto his legs in the 2010 AFC Title game. Blame Pouncey because David Decastro fragged him in what still has to be the single biggest mindblowing teammate on teammate crime ever (in game, Geno Smith fans. In game). And definitely blame Pouncey for getting sniped from behind on Sunday while he was in the process of executing his job.

Or you can blame him for the bad karma he created by wearing the “Free Hernandez” hat as an emailer of ours suggested.

Or you can blame “these players today who don’t follow nutrition like the players did in the 70’s.” That pearl came from a caller to our post game show Sunday.

Indeed sir. Jack Lambert’s diet of raw venison and a pack of Winston’s a day certainly was better than whatever Pouncey has been eating under the watchful eye of a vast team of trainers and dieticians with 35 years of anatomical education since then.

That clear things up? There is nothing good or redeeming about Pouncey’s injury. Not when it took place on the calendar. Not how it occurred. Not his prior history. He’s a Pro Bowl center who is lost for most of the season after a broken ankle suffered in the meaningless charade that masks as the NFL pre-season. There is no marginalizing any of this.

The Steeler season certainly isn’t lost. Wake me up if Roethlisberger gets hurt before I make that decree. But the absence of Pouncey will be a bigger deal than those who are trying to dismiss it are willing to admit.


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