On this episode I’m joined by PGA Professional & Director of Golf at Alpine Country Club John Mascari, 2019 Champions Tour Player of the Year Scott McCarron, 2-time winner on Tour and now Top Instructor Rick Fehr, plus 2008 Minnesota Teacher of the Year and 2022/2023 Top Instructor in South Dakota Todd Kolb.

John Mascari weighs in on the state of professional golf and where he thinks it’ll be 5-10 years down the road. We hear the best pieces of advice he’s been given in his business and golf careers and if the golf ball rollback is much to do about nothing.

Scott McCarron shares his thoughts on golf becoming more of a worldwide game and if Rory was right in saying we could see a Premier League like structure. He also shared his thoughts on what it will be like when Tiger comes to play out on the Champions Tour, and we looked back on his first PGA Tour victory and how Johnny Miller’s comments on the practice range fueled him to turn a 1 shot lead over Tom Watson into a 5 stroke victory. We finish off hearing about a great property he recently bought down in the Bahamas in Jack’s Bay Club which features courses designed by Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

Rick Fehr won twice out on the PGA Tour. He is also one of the most decorated amateur players in the last 40 years. He helped BYU win a national championship and he was low Amateur in the 1984 Masters and US Open. Rick teaches in the Seattle area. We focused our conversation on the mental side of the game. We talked about how to get into a flow state or “the zone”. He shared tips for how to figure out which tips on the internet are good and which ones may be leading us down the wrong path. Rick was annually one of the best putters on Tour and provided some drills to help us make more putts.

Todd Kolb rounds out the show. He’s one of the Top Instructors in the north-central part of the country. He has written a wonderful book titled, The Bad Lie, Why Traditional Golf Instruction is Failing You and What To Do Instead. We delve into why that’s the case and what his Vertical Line Swing System is. We get tips for how to hit a high, soft flop shot, how to gain more distance off the tee for those of us north of 50, and how to get your hips to turn versus sway in your downswing.

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