We close out season #10 in style as I am joined by a trio of outstanding people, Mitch Laurance, Ross Greenburg, and David Peoples.

Mitch Laurance is the host of the Talking Golf Getaways podcast and a long-time Actor. Mitch is also a great golf Historian and almost exclusively plays hickory clubs and a golf ball from the 1920s. Rolling the golf back doesn’t matter much to him. But, we hear how the loss of trust between the PGA Tour and the fans has impacted his desire to watch golf on TV. We also hear about his experience being in Rome for the Ryder Cup earlier this year and why it seems to mean so much more to the European fans than it does for us.

Ross Greenburg is the former President of HBO Sports and is now head of Ross Greenburg Productions. He’s produced great films like 61 with Billy Crystal, Miracle about the 1980 US Hockey team, a series of documentary films for the USGA including the battle between Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus at the 1962 US Open at Oakmont, the 1999 US Open won by Payne Stewart, and the 1991 Ryder Cup, the War at the Shore. Ross takes us inside the making of each of those films plus being there for the Mike Tyson vs. Buster Douglas fight.

David Peoples played his college golf at the Unversity of Florida alongside our good friend Mark Calcavecchia plus Rick Pearson and Larry Rentz. We get some funny stories of how those guys punished their clubs when they didn’t act right. We also hear about David’s wins at the 1990 Kapalua Invitational, the ’91 Southern Open, and the ’92 Anheuser Busch Classic over some legendary fields.

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