What if the PIF/PGA Tour Partnership Doesn’t Go Through? Is There Real Interest in the TGL League?
We get into those questions and much more with my guests: Hall of Fame Instructor Jim McLean, former Tour Player and all-time great Analyst Frank Nobilo, the Starter at 23 US Opens Ron Read, and PGA Tour Advance Rules Official Stephen Cox.

Jim McLean has been inducted into 4 Hall of Fames. His list of awards and accolades as an Instructor are too numerous to list. I get Jim’s thoughts on how we can build confidence in ourselves and our game’s, how to raise our play to tournament level, and the one thing we can do today to lower our scores this weekend. Give him a follow online at www.jimmclean.com and on social media @mcleangolf

Frank Nobilo won 14 times around the world, he finished in the Top 10 of all 4 majors, and is now an all-time great Analyst. We discuss why PGA Tour players are overpaid, what could happen if the PIF/PGA Tour partnership doesn’t go through plus, we go back to his T4 finish in the 1994 US Open at Oakmont, and what it was like being on the course at Augusta National as Greg Norman was collapsing in 1996.

Ron Reed worked for the USGA for over two decades and was the Starter at the US Open from 1986 to 2010. We hear his memories of announcing Arnold Palmer in Arnie’s final US Open at Oakmont in 1994, who Ron thought was the most nervous player he ever saw standing on the first tee (his answer will surprise you), being there for Payne Stewart’s triumph in 1999 and Phil’s heartbreak in 2006. You’ll also hear the heartwarming story of presenting Tom Watson’s caddie Bruce Edwards with the flag from the 17th green from the 1982 US Open. We also get the story of the beaver who halted the 1990 US Amateur Public Links tournament. Follow Ron on Twitter @golfdinosaurrr and get his book, Starting the US Open, Shinnecock to Pebble Beach online at www.ronread.com or on Amazon.

Stephen Cox has been a PGA Tour Rules Official since 1997. We hear about some of the unpopular rulings he’s had to give out over the years and the players who didn’t agree with him. We learn about the job the Rules Officials do which goes way beyond riding around in a golf cart handing out penalties. They are responsible for course setup and playing conditions and sometimes they are working on those things a year in advance of the tournament. We also discuss the rule he thinks the USGA & R&A need to take another look at. You can follow Stephen and his peers plus send them your rules questions on Twitter @pgatourrules.

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