This week I am joined by 4 of the Top Instructors and Body Movement experts in the game.

Keith Jarvis is a Lead Instructor at Golf Channel Academy. He can be found in the New York/New Jersey areas and on the V1 app. Keith breaks down Trackman data and helps us understand what smash factor is, what good spin rate numbers are off the driver, how to take a pivot after we strike the ball, and why you should tee the ball lower than what you’ve been told.

Terry Hashimoto is the Founder of BodiTrak Golf and Golf Terry explains why all good players have 80+% of their weight on the lead leg by the time they get to the top of their backswing. We also learn why golf is a great rehab game for those suffering from concussions, and which fundamentals are no longer relevant.

Katherine Robers is the Top Movement Skills person and Yoga Instructor in the world in my opinion. She’s about to begin her 10th season working with the Chicago Cubs. She takes us through how she can help those of us suffering from some sort of injury get back in the game. We hear how ground reaction forces can help us generate more distance, and some stretches we can do to warm up before we go play.

TP joins me and shares his thoughts on last week’s PGA Merchandise Show, the time he spent working with Jackie Burke Jr., Rory’s about-face on yet another LIV issue, and who he’s picking to win the Super Bowl.

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