Over the past few weeks, universities and colleges across the country have seen unrest tied to the growing public sympathy for Palestinians in the Israel-Hamas war.

The University of Pittsburgh also saw a version of this national protest with its own Schenley Plaza as the site of students’ pro-Palestine encampment.

Universities across the nation, including Yale, NYU, Arizona State and Columbia, have seen protests by coalitions of students, faculty and other supporters erupt.

Protesters are calling for their institutions to divest themselves from any war-related investment in Israel. Many also want statements condemning “genocide in Gaza.”

These institutions have tried to disband the encampments with methods ranging from vacating deadlines and warning of suspension to escalated tactics like restricting access to university properties or requesting the involvement of law enforcement.

TribLive’s higher education reporter Bill Schackner joined host Zac Gibson to talk about his reporting covering this story and explain the Pitt student protests.

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