Tom Brady and Bill Belichick like to break records. Brady especially, he went after Peyton Manning's record for touchdowns passes in a season, then Tom terrific and Randy Moss teamed up for most TD's by a duo. Last season, of course he forced as many end zones throws as possible to Tight End Rob Gronkowski to be a part of the QB-TE duo for most TD's in a year. Don't expect Gronkowski to put up monster numbers again this season. Brady has that record now which means he won't be forcing the ball into double team coverage against Gronkowski in the end zone. That should improve Aaron Hernandez's numbers who could even end up with better numbers than Gronk. Also, it could mean a slight uptick on Wes Welker's touchdown total. Brandon Lloyd seems to be the guy most fantasy players are excited about, he's reunited with Pats new Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels, but Lloyd's a huge unknown. This is all about Brady, is he comfortable with Lloyd? He sure wasn't with Chad Johnson. Lloyd is maybe the biggest hit or miss in the 2012 Fantasy season. He could become Brady's favorite deep target and put up huge numbers or will the Pats QB stick with what he knows in Gronk, Welker and Hernandez and make Lloyd option #4? Lean toward option #4 for now.

Maybe Bill Belichick is the guy who wants to be the head coach with all the records. If that's the case, could the rushing touchdown record be next on his mission list? Draft Stevan Ridley, he's the guy that will get the goal line carries and he should get the majority of all the carries. That doesn't mean he will but with his 5.1 ayrds per carry last season, he's earned the first shot at it. Belichick hasn't had a running back have a huge season on his watch, don't you think he wants one? Ridley is exploisive, a good mixture of size and speed, take a chance on drafting his as a #2 or #3 back.

Brady's a sure thing who rarely gets hurt and isn't slowing down. Aaron Rodgers should go before him but with the NFL turning into an almost all passing league, anyone who picks Brady even as high as second overall can't be mocked. Brady is legitimate first round fantasy pick.

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