Jeff Erickson of Rotowire joins Junker and Laird to talk about the rookies from the NFL Draft that will have a fantasy impact.


Tight End – Penn State
5th Round – 160th Overall

Can you talk about being drafted by your hometown team?
I couldn’t be happier. I think it’s a great fit. Being from Pittsburgh, I’m happy to go there. I couldn’t be more excited to get there and get to work.

What impressed you from your visit with the Steelers?
Just the way I felt in the building and talking to coaches. It was a great experience for me to get to speak with some of those coaches a little bit and get a good feel for them. I’m excited to get back there and start to get to work for them.

Do you think your receiving skills have largely gone untapped?
Yes. Definitely I agree with that. In the system we ran, I didn’t have a chance to show how athletic I am. I’ll have a shot to do that in the future, being able to show exactly what I can do in the receiving aspect of the game.

Re: James Daniel saying that he can be a red zone threat with his height:
Yeah. I think it’s just the way I can move my body and my size. The red zone is an area where you want a guy with my measurables to help execute those red zone targets.

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