Draft the Baltimore Ravens Running Backs-Ray Rice will be suspended for the first two games of the season so Bernard Pierce will start those games. Draft both these guys! They’re both coming off of terrible years but new Offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak is about the change all of that. Kubiak turned Arian Foster into a star and he’s made scrubs like Ben Tate in Houston and Reuben Droughns and Olandis Gary into productive fantasy scorers. Kubiak is the master of the zone-blocking scheme and you are about to see Rice and Pierce take advantage of it big-time. Pierce may play so well in the first two games that he just outright steals the job from Rice so you want both these guys on your fantasy squad to see how it all plays out.

Draft Jordy Nelson-Two different years now, Nelson has started a season red-hot and on his way to competing to be the best fantasy wideout in the league. Both times those seasons were derailed by injuries, one year he was injured and last year it was an Aaron Rodgers’ injury that blew up his numbers. One of these years, he’s going to put it all together and stay injury free. Target him in your draft and hope that 2014 is that year.

Don’t draft any Saints unless they are named Drew Brees or Jimmy Graham- Saints Head Coach Sean Payton shuffles and substitutes new runners and receivers in every single play. If you don’t believe, just watch a Saints game. You will even see Jimmy Graham running off the field all the time. Because of this scheme, you just can’t count on Pierre Thomas or the rest of the committee backfield and you can’t count on Colston, Stills or rookie Brandin Cooks. All these guys will have a couple of big games this season but good luck figuring out the who and when involved in that equation.

Draft Bills Running Back Fred Jackson- He’s a steal every year. C.J. Spiller will underwhelm again, he will most likely miss some games due to injury again and Jackson will be there to pile up 100-yard games and score goal line touchdowns.

Don’t Draft Bears Wide Receiver Alshon Jeffery- He’s the most overrated player in your fantasy draft this year. Alshon is getting picked way to high in your draft. He had some big games and most of them were when Jay Cutler wasn’t playing. When Cutler does play, he likes to force balls to Brandon Marshall over and over again.

The Ken Whisenhunt QB- Don’t draft Chargers QB Phillip Rivers, he’s coming off a career season because Whisenhunt was his offensive coordinator. Now Whis is the new head coach of the Titans and Rivers’ fantasy stats will take a big hit. Maybe take a chance on Tennessee QB Jake Locker as your backup and see if he has that career year in him. Of course, Locker has been injury-prone and Whisenhunt can’t help with that issue.

Draft Darren Sproles-He’s not washed up yet and the Eagles offense is even a better fit for him than the Saints offense. He will line up in the backfield and in the slot. The Eagles are thin at wideout and they’re maybe one injury to any skill guy away from playing Sproles every snap.

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