Baseball has been America's pastime sport for ages. The tide is slowly turning towards football. More people watch football, even if your team is terrible. But I think otherwise. Baseball is not dying at all.
I was at the dentist a couple days ago and had a great conversation with the secretary there. She was telling me how her two kids love the game of baseball. All they want to do is play baseball. It got me thinking, is our pastime really dying? It's not dying in big market city such as Philadelphia or Boston. It is thriving. That is how it is all over the country. People love the game of baseball, especially if their team is good.
Living here in Pittsburgh is actually no different. People just do not realize the sport of baseball as much as football or hockey. Yes baseball has lost some popularity. For example, my hometown of Freeport is a baseball town. Freeport hosts The Freeport International Baseball Invitational each summer in July and invites teams from all over the world. The town lives for summer night games. But, I could remember when I was playing Little League back in 2003 that we were able to fill six teams and now we are lucky to fill four. Baseball has lost some of its popularity.
However, the sport of baseball is still thriving. Kids are still coming out to PNC Park to watch a .500 baseball club in the Pirates. The Pirates still sell-out games on weekends and fireworks nights. Just think if the Pirates would make the playoffs or even break .500. Pirate tickets would be just like Penguin and Steeler tickets. They would be expensive and hard to get because they will become so popular. So it comes to my conclusion that fan base of baseball is not dying: it is hungry. It is hungry for a winning baseball team. This will then translate to baseball becoming popular again throughout the area. Baseball is not dying, it is just hungry.

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