If ever there was a draft that highlighted Steelers' GM Kevin Colbert's selection strategy, it was this one. The Pittsburgh Steelers, as they have over the last two decades, chose the most talented player over a player that would fit a larger need. To an extent, the Steelers were able to do both in the 2012 NFL draft, selecting the most talented guard and one of the most talented tackles. However, while the offensive line has potential to go from worst to first, the defense continues to age.

David Decastro was a great pick. With the Steelers waiting for 23 other teams to make their first selection, Decastro was more of a dream pick. Luckily, some teams reached for players out of the projected path. The Chiefs took NT Dontari Poe with the 11th pick -a prospect on the Steelers' board- and the Seahawks took Bruce Irvin, a pass rushing linebacker with so much baggage, Southwest Airlines would charge extra.

The Steelers took Decastro and pundits everywhere exclaimed this was the perfect pick for the perfect team. Descastro can do it all as a guard. He can pass block, he is a monster at pulling, drawing comparisons to Alan Faneca, and he's a great character individual with a fiery competitive spirit.

With a potential future All-Pro guard selected, the Steelers took Mike Adams in the second round. At 6'7 325 pounds, Adams has the talent to be an excellent left tackle. His stock dropped tremendously after testing positive for marijuana during the combine. Assuming Adams has his priorities in order, the Steelers expect to have a revamped offensive line that can finally protect its 100 million dollar quarterback.

But there is a problem with this draft class.

The Steelers barely filled any holes on defense. Sure, they drafted Ta'amu Alameda in the fourth round as a possible replacement to Casey Hampton but, with the league becoming more pass-oreinted, the nose tackle is seeing more time on the sidelines.

With their third round pick, the Steelers took inside linebacker Sean Spence. However, Spence is undersized (5'11 231 pounds) for a run stuffing linebacker and the Steelers already have a playmaker at that position in Lawrence Timmons. Plus, with the steep learning curve under Dick Lebeau's defense, Stevenson Sylvester is already way ahead of Sean Spence to replace Larry Foote. In the end, the Steelers used their third round pick to draft another linebacker.

By all calculations, Pittsburgh did improve their roster with some talented draft picks. But I am still skeptical this draft class is going to improve the team enough to make them Super Bowl contenders for the next years. The Steelers will have better protection for Ben Roethlisberger and they will probably have a better rushing offense creating a more balanced attack.

But if you hear footsteps, it's Ray Rice. He's running, and he's going to be running all over Pittsburgh until the defense has the talent to stop him. While one of the NFL's youngest offenses got younger, the defense is still going to be one year older and one year slower. With no picks being used on replacing Ryan Clark or Troy Polamalu, the Steelers will have to wait another year to improve their defense.

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