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Breakfast With Benz Podcast (9/17)–Meg Bulger on her WVU Hall of Fame induction

WPIAL star basketball player Meg Bulger was inducted into the WVU Hall of Fame last weekend. She joins me to talk about her days in Morgantown, the state of high school women’s hoops, her broadcasting career, and her brother’s desire to become an Olympic curler.

Madden Monday (9/16)-Ripping the Steelers, Narduzzi, awful Pirates pitching

In this week’s Cheerleaders Madden Monday, Mark Madden and Tim Benz tear apart the Steelers’ loss to Seattle. They pound Pat Narduzzi’s decision to kick that field goal against Penn State. And they kick around some awful Pirates pitching.

Cheerleaders Happy Hour post (9/13)–An initial thought on Penguins training camp

A lot of attention is being paid to the new guys at Penguins training camp. I’m looking at an “old guy” though.

Breakfast With Benz Podcast (9/11)–Steelers Coordinatiors speak

Steelers coordinators Randy Fichtner and Keith Butler vent about the Patriots game, and look at improvements needed to beat Seattle.

Cheerleaders Happy Hour post (9/12)–An AFC North concern for the Steelers

If Steelers fans are dismissing the Browns after one awful game, what are they saying after Baltimore won a blowout contest?

Fulfill Your Fantasy at Cheerleaders–Fanatasy Sports podcast with Jeff Erickson (9/12)

Fulfill your fantasy at Cheerleaders in the Strip District! It’s our weekly fantasy sports podcast with Jeff Erickson of Rotowire. How many Patriots should you play in Miami? There’s some important Thursday night advice to hear before Tampa and Carolina. Why Lamar Jackson and Antonio Brown are good plays this week. One team to select in your knockout pool besides the Patriots. And bemoaning the Christian Yelich injury on the baseball front.

Cheerleaders Happy Hr post (9/11)–Even as a believer in the Browns, that opener made me wonder

I’m not one who dismissed the Browns expectations as “hype.” But the way they performed Sunday gave everybody who did some legit ammunition.